BMW R nineT Taiwan Fans Day

2016 // Sep // 21

Pure Passion


We were honored to be invited by BMW R nineT fans club of Taiwan to celebrate 2016 BMW Taiwan Fans Day. In recent years we got to experience manufacturers create wonderful retro motorcycle designs. It is great to see this happening, as a motorcycle can be an extension of personal expression. Allowing owners to express their views or attitudes through their motorcycles.

In Taiwan, we got to check out many unique custom motorcycles that are rare to see. Because of government regulations in Taiwan, people couldn’t substantially alter their bikes appearance or they will not pass a yearly exam. But some passionate riders still threw the rules away and create radical customizations to express their own personal style; some more retro, some more for lifestyle characteristics, and also some for fashion sense.

Compared to sports bikes where manufacturers compete for high-tech superiority and cutting edge science. The retro motorcycle does not really need to compete strongly with that. They can be designed to focus more on highlighting personal style, and also can be easily integrated into everyday life. This is a reason why we at JSK Moto Co. are so fond of this category live on over the years.


Photos provided by: ChihHua Hsu, Lai Min Young, Jeep Wu