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JSK Moto Co. also known as JSK Custom Design started in 2010 at La Puente, California as a motorcycle design company created by its founder Samuel Kao. Ever since he was a kid, he was known for his passion of all types of motorcycles. When he sees a motorcycle, he sees a canvas that he can use his studies in automotive design, life long passion of motorcycles, and artistic vision to create masterpieces that combine function and design making fantasies into reality. His vision pushes the boundaries of motorcycle design and granted him wide recognition in the custom motorcycle-building scene. With his vision, the JSK Moto Co. design philosophy is to design motorcycles that encourage the rider to want to hop on it and go. This experience is achieved with not just looks but by attention to detail of the whole ride that is meticulously designed inside and out.

JSK Moto Cobalt Storm based on Harley Davidson Sportster
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